Cold and Colder

The sickness When I was younger my parents would often tell me and my brother that we needed to go outside when it was summer time and enjoy the weather instead of playing video games all day. Most often times when me and my brother would go outside, we would pick up the sandy dirt clumps that often could be found in farmers fields that lay fallow and would act like they were grenades. We would lay on the ground in a grassy field and toss them over our heads into the dry field. Just like the guys in the … Continue reading Cold and Colder

Little path, Big influence

What is that ahead? I live in a small town which contains a gas station, a Co-Op, a Post office, a golf course and two bars. Needless to say, there is not much to do there. This forces me to trek across the county line to a larger city that I have grown very fond of in the past eighteen years. It has coffee shops, restaurants, entertainment, my home church and many other things that make it a place I enjoy spending my time. This town is located about twenty minutes from my house and I feel like could have … Continue reading Little path, Big influence

Inside or out?

Inside or out? When I was younger I used to have friends that lived in my small farm town in rural Indiana. My town was one of those that no one outside of a forty-five mile radius even knew about. So, needless to say, it was and is to this day very small. Being a small farming community, almost everyone knew each other and everyone’s kids would go to the local playground and mess around on the rickety, rusty and ramshackle playground equipment. If someone brought a basketball that was a huge plus! Then you could actually use the basketball … Continue reading Inside or out?