Caution: Crazy ahead

Crazy for Him

Have you ever just lost it? I don’t mean dropped your coffee in your lap and been frustrated; I am talking about running around, yelling at the top of your lungs and not caring who stares at you or what could possibly come of doing such a thing. I have, but it was for a good reason. 
As I have mentioned in some of my previous blogs, when I was younger I went to camps a lot during the summer. Camp was a place where I learned a lot about who I was and who God is to me. One specific time that I went to camp, I was there for two full weeks. I was a part of a group that actually went around the camp and cleaned things up as well as had fun of our own. There was about twenty-five of us guys and gals who served in this way for two weeks. During these two weeks of spending twenty-four hours a day with my, “crew”, we got to know each other pretty well. 
During the last week of being there, my team was serving in the dining hall cleaning up after each one of the meals. So, three times a day we would clean hundreds of plates and silver wear in the steam washer. This was actually a ton of fun. We would have the radio on and belt out songs together and fill the dining hall with our off key voices, but we didn’t care. After we were done at the dining hall, we would walk to our next activity or back to our cabins. This got me into great shape since the cabins were almost a mile away up and down hills. By the second week, I had created a persona of being the crazy guy among our team. I would be the loudest and try to have fun as often as possible. One thing in particular that I would do though is when everyone else would be walking along quietly back to the cabins, I would run from the back of the group up to the front screaming my lungs out. By doing this I gained the nickname, “Banshee”. In my mind I felt very achieved for gaining such a title, because it essentially means, “A crazy screaming person”. For the rest of the time I was at camp I was more then happy to live up to this expectation. I felt safe to do this at camp because everyone was okay with it. Once I got back home after those two weeks though, I toned it down.

The application

The feeling of being in a safe place helps us to express who we really are. We are not afraid to admit our fears and failures when we feel comfortable sharing with those around us. Whether this is screaming like a mad person and feeling comfortable doing so or simply sharing your deepest feelings. God calls us to be crazy as Christians! We are to be in this world, but not of it. That means that in whatever we do, we will be considered crazy by this worlds standards.
We shouldn’t just feel comfortable around certain people either, we should feel comfortable anywhere that we go as Christians. This is because God is with us everywhere we go. We are told three hundred and sixty-five times in the Bible to not fear! So, not matter where we are or what we are doing we should not fear! 
A great example of not fearing is when God sent Moses in front of Pharaoh not just once, but many times! God told Moses not to worry about his slow speech and sent him before Pharaoh to perform wonders. Even though Moses was hesitant to go before Pharaoh, he stepped out of his comfort zone and did what God called him to do.

How are you stepping out of your comfort zone in faith? Is God calling you to do something that is, “crazy” in the eyes of this world? If so, what are you waiting for? I truly hope that you are not holding yourself back from the best of what God wants you to do.

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