When the call comes, will you answer?

The fire bell is ringing My younger years were spent adventuring and finding out all my town had to offer. My brother and I would ride our bikes around town and go to the local candy store to buy Snickers and other sugary goodies. On many of these adventures our next door neighbor would join us or they might even take place on his property. We would build forts, talk about baseball, try and dig to the center of the earth with a post hole digger, create massive piles of wood for bonfires and throw boomerangs the wrong way so … Continue reading When the call comes, will you answer?

Being in tune with God

Playing the right notes I was told a few years ago that I am one of the most eclectic people this person had ever met. I had to look up what the word meant, but after doing so it gave me a sense of accomplishment. The reason this guy told me that I was really eclectic was because I carried around an instrument that very seldom is recognized. The instrument is called an ocarina. It is a wind instrument that is made of ceramic. The ocarina is a very strange instrument to hold and play because it is not conventionally … Continue reading Being in tune with God