When the call comes, will you answer?

The fire bell is ringing

My younger years were spent adventuring and finding out all my town had to offer. My brother and I would ride our bikes around town and go to the local candy store to buy Snickers and other sugary goodies. On many of these adventures our next door neighbor would join us or they might even take place on his property. We would build forts, talk about baseball, try and dig to the center of the earth with a post hole digger, create massive piles of wood for bonfires and throw boomerangs the wrong way so that they wouldn’t come back. 
Anytime that we would go over to our neighbors house we would have to ask permission to do so from our parents. Usually when both of us would go over to our friends house it was because we had some crazy project in mind. On this particular day, our father was working on an old fire bell. Something was wrong with the mechanism that actuated the hammer to hit the bell. Both of us asked permission to go over our friends house to help him build the fort we had been working on. Our dad said yes, so naturally we excitedly ran over to the fort and met our friend there. This was not your casual fort though, this fort had not one, not two, but three stories to it! The third story was extremely unstable, but you could see our little kingdom from up there. I only visited the top once because I knew my limits and did not feel like falling twenty-five feet to my death at such a young age. 
After about two hours of working on the fort, me and my brother hear the distinct tone of a bell ringing. More specifically, it was the bell that our dad was working on. Me and my brother looked at each other and thought, “Dad got the fire bell working. Cool.”. After that we didn’t think much of it until about two hours later we heard the bell multiple times. I asked my brother what he thought dad was doing and got a puzzled look from him. It was almost dark, so once the sun came close to setting we headed home. We came home and were chewed out for not coming home when the fire bell rang. Sadly there was a huge gap in communication between our father and us because we were unaware that we needed to come home once the fire bell rang. 

The application

Who’s call are you listening to?

It is really easy to get distracted and be pulled off task with smartphones and tablets everywhere we go. I did not have a phone when I was younger, but there were still other things that distracted me from spending time with God. So I pose this question to you, what is distracting you from God? Or maybe even who is distracting you from God? See, we can come up with a million excuses as to why we don’t have enough time for God, but the reality is that God gives us the time that we have. God created everything that is around us and sure He wants us to admire things that are beautiful, but ultimately He wants to be in a relationship with you! 

Why wait anymore?

If you think you don’t think you have any distractions, I want you to be completely honest with yourself right now. How many times have you looked at your phone while reading this post? Do you do the same during church? Okay, now I have one more question for you, have you been putting God on hold? Have you not been listening to what God is asking you to do?

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