On the horizon

Being someone who enjoys thinking about possibilities, I often get lost in my thoughts. I think about what I am doing with my life and whether it is the, “right” thing to be doing. There are so many social pressures that try to define all of us from a very young age that try and tell us what is the, “right” thing for us to do with our lives. When what we feel lead to do and what the world is telling us to do doesn’t line up, there is friction. What do we do about this friction though? Do we seek guidance from those that are older and wiser then us or do we go it alone?
Recently I found myself in one of these situations where friction was occurring where I did not expect any. This caused me to call into question my options. If the choice that I want to make is God honoring, what reason would I have to reject it? There is an underlying factor to this choice as well though: faith. This choice would require complete faith. So this made me wonder, is this friction Christians feel due to conflict between making choices that are purely on faith and making choices that the world would?
Let me know your thoughts and start a conversation with someone today.

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