Faith in fasting

A growing hunger to know Him better

On Christmas day of 2017 I began a three day journey of fasting from food. Please understand that I drank lots of water throughout the three days in order to stay hydrated. This is similar to another three day fast from 2016. You might wonder what the significance of this fast was or why someone would even subject themselves to something so harsh. There are multiple reason why fasting is such an integral part of my life: 
1. It teaches us to remember the things in life that are more important then walking to the fridge and pulling out our favorite snack and mindlessly eating. 
2. When you are hungry, you are more focused. During this time of being hungry, reading my Bible in replacement of my meals brought me true comfort and peace. 
3. We are to be in this world, but not of it. If you ever want to get your friends or coworkers to ask questions about why you are not eating, this will surely help you do that! (Tip: This is a perfect ministry opportunity.)
4. Fasting is something I do twice a week for twelve hours at a time on Monday and Wednesday. During these times it reminds me of the frailty of our physical bodies and how truly miraculous every breath we take is truly given by God. 
5. You will probably begin to notice the small things and start to forget about food for awhile. An example of this was when a friend of mine invited me to lunch on my second day of fasting, I forgot that it was around noon and therefore time to eat.
So what can you take away from all of this? Well, let me remind you of the true meaning of fasting. It does not always refer to not eating. You can fast from watching TV, playing video games, or doing anything else that distracts you from focusing on Christ. We fast because we want to take time out of our lives and refocus on the things that are truly important.

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2 thoughts on “Faith in fasting

  1. Great article I actually had somebody recently ask me why I was fasting this week. I gave many of the same reasons you did. I also mentioned how fasting makes your prayers stronger hence why Jesus would fast to replenish his strength. Finally in Matthew 6:16 it talks about not making it obvious your fasting just to look righteous for people. So I try not to let everybody know when I'm fasting.


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