20 $20 Vision

Clearing up my vision

Recently I had a little bit of a reality check. It was uncomfortable, confusing, jarring and a wake up call all in one. It made me check my vision for my life and it allowed me to pause and reflect. You might be asking, “What is this huge revelation?”. Let me first take you back about five years to help you understand how I got to this moment.

Setting my vision

As someone who always wanted to be successful in my career after college, I strove to increase my skill sets as much as possible. I saw this as increasing the value of having me in a work place environment. I would do odd jobs for just about anyone simply to learn how to do different tasks and learn new skills, even if that meant working for free. Mowing yards, fixing pipes, tearing apart structures safely, and cleaning up rocks out of someones yard more efficiently were all some of the projects that formed my skill set. None of those had anything to do with communication though.

Fake it until you make it

Speaking in front of people makes me nervous sometimes. I had to come out of my shell and talk to people I never would have envisioned talking to. Working a few sales jobs during my college years helped me build up my skills and ultimately helped me land the job that I have currently, but there was still one essential aspect to this picture that I thought I had right for so many years. 

How valuable can you be?

I had it in my mind that my time is valuable and I should treat it as such if I want to become some successful person some day. This vicious cycle of seeing your time as more and more valuable with the vastness of the skills you have can over-inflate ones ego. When your ego gets in the way of thinking about others as more valuable than yourself, you are one pin prick away from your bubble being burst. I volunteer every week at my church and it wasn’t until someone else pointed it out to me that I realized that my heart was not thinking straight. My time had become so valuable to me that I thought doing this act of service once a week was my scapegoat for not giving of my finances on a regular basis to the church. What a fallacy in my thinking that was. 

20 $20

Over the last few years I worked a job that provided inconsistent income. The main reason I thought I could not give is because I was afraid that my bills would not be able to be paid. Well, I am happy to say that I am past that phase of my life and am now more stabilized. I have challenged myself to give $20 for 20 Sundays in order to clear up my vision on what is really important. My time is not my own in the first place, but rather what God has blessed me with. If the amount sounds minuscule to some, then so be it, but this is something that I have felt challenged to do and bring myself back to regular tithing.

If you would like to join me in this cause, I will include the link to my churches online giving page right here.

Let’s clear up what is important and get out of our own ways. God doesn’t need our time, He has unlimited quantities of that, He needs our hearts to be in the right place so that we can see where he wants us to spend the time He gives us.

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