Book Launch!!! Running the Race of Life while Out of Breath

Today is SUCH an exciting day. It marks a change in not only my life, but also in the lives of others. How you might ask? Well, it is with great excitement that I am pleased to announce the publication of my first book!

Looking at every day goals through the eyes of a runner.

During the process of writing, there were many obstacles to overcome. Time was a scarce commodity as I was studying for several difficult exams. Not only was my time consumed with studying, but a blossoming relationship as well. Thankfully, she has encouraged me all the while during this long journey of one and a half years. As the end of writing was near in September 2018 a crippling back injury disallowed me from running for three months. As most runners will know, if you stop for that amount of time, you lose endurance and you can’t shake the feeling of the day you can continue running. Sadly to this day I am still dealing with the pain in my lower back. I am able to run, but I approach my goals for running this year with caution since I do not want to re-injure myself that bad again. As June 1st, the Sunburst half marathon, approaches I cannot help but be even more driven by being able to share this work of mine.

I an so grateful to have been given a spirit of determination through adversity. When you order the book and read it, please leave a comment with your thoughts, share this blog and give a review on Amazon. This would not only help support Thetruvine, but it would also help other runners and nonrunners.