The P-47 Thunderbolt state

Indiana State Capital Building
Hanging Rock

            Most commonly associated with basketball, corn and the Indy 500, Indiana is so much more than a pit stop on your way from coast to coast. You can visit towns that look like they are frozen in a bygone era. There are oddities such as Hanging Rock and Mt. Baldy.

Mount Baldy

In the north you can sit at the edge of a freshly picked field and see for miles, but in the south you can hike hilly terrain that makes you feel like you are in the foothills of mountains. Along with the change from north to south comes a change in the dialect of English that you hear as well.

Brown County in southern Indiana
Across a field in northern Indiana

Spending the majority of my life in the Hoosier state, there are so many phrases that define us. Just a few are: “If you don’t like the weather in Indiana, just wait an hour.”, “Hey, would you look at that, Indiana mountains. *points at the clouds in the distance*”, and one that I came up with throughout the years, “You know how you can tell if a town is to big for a small town person? When you wave at someone and they don’t wave back.”.

Plymouth flood 2018

All though Indiana may not be the prettiest state, it sure has some heart. As evidenced in February of 2018 when a catastrophic flood hit several major cities in northern Indiana. One town in particular gained national recognition from FEMA for its efforts to clean up its town after the disaster. That town was Plymouth. I might be a little biased towards this community, but it has molded an Olympic athlete, holds one of the largest festivals in the states on a yearly basis, developed musical talent and showcased what it means to look out for one another in times of dire need.

So you might wonder why I called this state of mine the P-47 Thunderbolt state? Well, I have lived here my whole life and I just found out today that my state has a state plane. Who knew!?

So as the Crossroads of America, I would ask you to not simply cross through this state of mine without giving it the fair chance every state deserves. There might be long stretches of road in between us all, but you are only a short drive from a place that you can call home here.