Compost your time

The leaves fall softly to the ground in shades of yellow, red and green. It is fall in Indiana and the trees are beginning to cloister away for yet another year, but before they go they put on a show. A common sight to see this time of year is families in flannel out in their yards raking leaves into piles while dogs and children work to ruin the piles. Eventually the leaves lose their color and revert to the dull brown of a lifeless bairn landscape, but yet inside of what seems so dead is the building blocks for life. Many put them into piles and watch them burn so they no longer occupy their yard, but if you know how valuable these colorful pieces of biomass are, I bet you wouldn’t dispose of them so easily.

There is an ant species who has perfected taking leaves and composting them into food. They are called the leaf cutter ant. They take pieces of leaves underground into these little farms. They bury the leaves in the soil here and let nature do its’ part. Before long with the right amount of moisture and time, there is a specific kind of mold that grows that the ants can eat. This fascinating process is the pinnacle of composting. You might wonder why you should care about such a process or why we are talking about composting in the first place, well here is the point.

So often we seem to treat time as though we can throw it away. Every second of every day counts though. See, just like the natural building blocks of life that exist in leaves that fall from trees, those spare moments of our lives are what build us into who we are. So instead of wasting those moments, forgetting about them or treating them as no big deal, why aren’t we taking our experiences and “composting” or reusing them to learn from and make ourselves into more effective Christ followers? Those spare moments of our lives can be used as little building blocks to provide us with the right nutrients to grow our faith. So stop treating your failures as a waist of your life. Take those experiences and turn them into the rich soil in which you plant your faith so that you may grow more and more. God gave us all unique stories so that we may share the gospel with all nations.

I hope this post makes sense and it wasn’t hard to follow. If it was or you want me to write more on this topic or another topic, please let me know by leaving a comment below. Also, did you know that I have now written two books! One you can find on Amazon at this link and the other is hand written, but you can write one just like it with this book.