Find your quiet place

Buzzing, ringing, flashing, and holding our attention for hours on end, electronics have taken up a place in most of our lives that we cannot deny. I love the question that my pastor asks his children though, “Are you controlling it or is it controlling you?”. We could ask ourselves the same question, are we in control of how long we spend on our electronics?

I pick on electronics above, but truthfully anything can pull us away from time where we are able to get away from the distractions of life and be present with God. Just as it is important to be present in your relationships here on earth, it is also important to be present and aware of Jesus in our lives. Here are a few ideas from my own life as to how I find my quiet place and connect with God.

  1. Go for a hike. No, literally go and hike in the woods or take a slow walk around a place that you might have been before, but never took the time to appreciate the small things. Don’t go with an agenda, just walk quietly, pray or sit, relax and appreciate the beauty of God’s creation.
  2. Sit around a campfire and sing. It could be with others or without, but there is something soothing about singing outdoors and being in communion with God.
  3. Read your Bible in a quiet place in your home. Go verse by verse and go over what you read very slowly and with intention. There is so much historical context behind all of scripture that is worth exploring.
  4. Pray with friends about issues in your community and how God might lead you to help with them. Praying together towards the same end helps build your relationship with your friends, but also strengthens your connection with Christ.

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