30 things I am thankful for…


It is that time of year just before Thanksgiving where Christmas music is starting to be heard and snow is falling somewhere. As a way to encourage others to think of what they are grateful for, here are 30 things I am grateful for this year:

Bonsai Tree
One of my bonsai trees in full color
  1. The Bible and the truth of Jesus
  2. A warm home to live in
  3. Family who loves me
  4. A niece and nephew
  5. A fiance that loves me
  6. A running car
  7. Being a part of a ministry that is changing lives
  8. Having friends that stick by my side through thick and thin
  9. Being healthy
  10. Being able to explore this amazing planet God has made for us
  11. My faith in Christ alone
  12. My testimony
  13. The joy I find in blogging and creating content
  14. Clothing that fits me
  15. Food in the pantry
  16. The patience to keep bonsai trees alive
  17. The joy of teaching
  18. Coffee and how relaxing it is to make it
  19. Good conversations
  20. The ability to serve others
  21. Having modern plumbing
  22. Being a part of a gospel centered church
  23. Being a mentor to young men
  24. Being a part of a community group that prays for me
  25. Being a part of a community group that serves others
  26. Having an education
  27. Having clean drinking water
  28. Having to admit my weaknesses to God and allow Him to work through them
  29. Having this blog
  30. Allowing me to be a part of your life

Thank you for taking the time to read through this list! I would like to challenge a few other bloggers to create a similar list:

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  2. Sadia
  3. BeautyBeyondBones
  4. Steve
  5. PureGlory

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