Life update

It has been so long since the last post. I apologise for that. Things have been hectic since the beginning of the year.

  1. Planning a wedding is a LOT of work. Becky and I have been felt the strain of, “expectations” at our wedding, but we aren’t having a “traditional” wedding so that has been a monster to manage.
  2. I will be getting a job starting on the 24th of February that will alter my life and Becky’s. It pays very well and provides great benefits, but on a personal level the downside is that it will pull me away student ministry and community (two things I have come to love dearly).
  3. The weather hasn’t made things very cheery. At one point during January northern Indiana experienced something like 20 days straight of zero sun (constant cloud cover). Typically that kind of stuff doesn’t bother me since I’m from this area, but boy was that rough.

All those things being said, I do want to also focus on some really cool positives that have happened as well.

  1. Becky and I started a YouTube channel that has had fairly good success thus far and I have personally found I enjoy video editing very much. Being able to make videos that have passion and movement brings tears to my eyes.
  2. Just yesterday I was substitute teaching in a local school system and saw a student from the student ministry in a part of. Quickly word spread to other students that I was in the building and they all became ecstatic. The feeling of gratitude for being present is such a sweet feeling.
  3. This job will enable Becky and I to work our way out of the crushing world of student debt. We both decided to get an education, but unfortunately our careers have not been kind to either of us. We both are praying that we will eventually be able to do YouTube full time along with a few other fun projects in order to make a living. Ultimately ministry is very important to both of us and we can’t wait to freely serve others.

Yes, things are tough sometimes, but God has been with us through it all. He has allowed us to see His hand at work and that is such a blessing.

Please take a moment and check out our YouTube channel and subscribe. We would be so grateful and it allows you to keep up with what’s going on in our lives.

Here’s the link:

I am so grateful for all of you and will encourage you again soon!! Grace and truth be with you.

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