Setting Goals and Achieving Dreams, not New Year’s Resolutions

“But the noble make noble plans, and by noble deeds they stand.” Isaiah 32:8 

The first month of 2021 is over already which seems crazy. This is about the time of year that most New Years resolutions start to die. You made plans to go to the gym, get the best body, read 50 books this year, volunteer, not spend time on social media? Of course I’m not talking about myself, what made you get that idea? (I wish there was sarcastic font. Someone invent that for goodness sake). Studies differ on the exact percentage but about 80% of resolutions fail by the 2nd week of February, and only 8% actually stick to their goals to the end of the year. Why is that? How can we be in that 8%? Lets dig in.

The Problem with New Years Resolutions

I don’t know about you, but for me when I have given up on my resolutions I feel discouraged because it screams at me that I’m undisciplined or I cant follow through with anything, and I’m not motivated enough. That could be true, but maybe there is more to it. There are several reasons why only 8% keep their resolutions.

  • New Years Resolutions are made carelessly
  • People don’t count the costs to achieve the goals
  • Comfort usually beats mental pain and discomfort
  • Inspiration fades usually within 2 months if not at the beginning

Red Pill or Blue Pill

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I love the scene of The Matrix when Morpheus offers Neo a choice: Red Pill or Blue Pill? It applies to so many aspects of everyday life. The truth is when it comes to living life every day most of us live with taking the blue pill, which is contentment of the current state. We either believe that everything is ok as it is, or that the work and dedication required to make a change outweighs the impact that change can have. The 8% of those who take the blue pill understand that change is necessary for them personally. They can’t stay where they are at the moment, because that in itself bothers them. That or they are motivated for something greater than themselves. The truth is no one is perfect and that means we all need to grow.

The Difference between Resolutions and Goals that make Dreams Come True

New Years Resolutions don’t work because we take the wrong approach. Resolutions usually are just a result we want to achieve and actions we don’t normally want to take. Goals that make dreams come true are pre-meditated, inspired, risky, and they laugh at the face of pain or discomfort. The next 4 articles will dive into those attributes. (I honestly thought this would be just 1 main article along with follow-ups, but as I contemplated the reward of taking this seriously, I felt it required the seriousness and depth it deserves if it will change my life, and maybe yours.) Which one is the most important? Tune in to my next article about The Gamechanger to Achieving Goals and Dreams.

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