Where there is law, judgement will be passed. In the book of Judges we encounter several key figures who are often pointed to for the stories which they created. Samson, Gideon and Abimelek are all stories which inscribe a set of mixed emotions into our hearts. But why did these stories happen in the first place? Why was Israel in this position of having to ask: Who shall be our leader? We must first rewind a little to start to answer these questions. Let’s go back to the end of Joshua in order to see the events that lead into … Continue reading Judges

The P-47 Thunderbolt state

            Most commonly associated with basketball, corn and the Indy 500, Indiana is so much more than a pit stop on your way from coast to coast. You can visit towns that look like they are frozen in a bygone era. There are oddities such as Hanging Rock and Mt. Baldy. In the north you can sit at the edge of a freshly picked field and see for miles, but in the south you can hike hilly terrain that makes you feel like you are in the foothills of mountains. Along with the change from north to south comes a … Continue reading The P-47 Thunderbolt state