The single life

Calling all singles In thinking about writing this blog, there was much to consider including and even much more to exclude. The focus of this article will be based around these three things: Focus, Folly, and Fiction. Focus As a single guy, there are many things I have the time and ability to do that my married friends cannot do. Paul speaks about this in 1 Corinthians 7:8. I have questioned God many times as to why there is no resolution to my desire to be married someday, but through all of this prayer God has taught me of His … Continue reading The single life

Faith in fasting

A growing hunger to know Him better On Christmas day of 2017 I began a three day journey of fasting from food. Please understand that I drank lots of water throughout the three days in order to stay hydrated. This is similar to another three day fast from 2016. You might wonder what the significance of this fast was or why someone would even subject themselves to something so harsh. There are multiple reason why fasting is such an integral part of my life:  1. It teaches us to remember the things in life that are more important then walking … Continue reading Faith in fasting

New Year Does Not = New Me

The New Year Lie A new year has come, fads….I mean resolutions have been made, and change is in the air. Sure, the new year is a significant and almost all to popular time to create the new you, but I would ask why you hadn’t already started on creating the new you when you first saw the problem? Is it because you wanted to set some significant date at which you turned your life around? Maybe that is the case, but I see this as a being a follower and not a leader. You should already be making choices … Continue reading New Year Does Not = New Me


The End of the Beginning Memories of your years in school can be a mixed bag of emotions. Some of sorrow, some of happiness and some of inspiration. This part of many peoples lives shapes them into who they are today or at least lays the groundwork for what they believe to be true. This is true in my life as well, but recently as I reflect on the experiences of my college career and my high school years, something sticks out.  Onward and Upward As I stand on the precipice of this new chapter in my life, I see … Continue reading Graduation


The Best and Worst Feeling When you think of waiting, what comes to mind? Maybe waiting in line at the grocery, waiting for a break in the rain so you can run to your car, waiting for the bus to arrive, waiting for the light to turn green, waiting for those last few seconds of the school day to be over, but no matter what you are waiting for there is going to be something to follow.  The Worst Feeling The phone rings and you see the hospital is calling. You have been waiting to hear the results of the … Continue reading Waiting

On the horizon

Being someone who enjoys thinking about possibilities, I often get lost in my thoughts. I think about what I am doing with my life and whether it is the, “right” thing to be doing. There are so many social pressures that try to define all of us from a very young age that try and tell us what is the, “right” thing for us to do with our lives. When what we feel lead to do and what the world is telling us to do doesn’t line up, there is friction. What do we do about this friction though? Do … Continue reading On the horizon

The stickers that define us

Things that stick with you If you have ever met me in person, you have most likely seen me chugging water out of one of my many water bottles. These bottles carry different meanings to me because of the different places each one of them have been with me. I guess you could call it nostalgia, but I like to think that each one of them has character of it’s own because of each of the scratches, dents and scuffs that they have. What really makes each one of my bottles unique though is that each one has a sticker … Continue reading The stickers that define us

When the call comes, will you answer?

The fire bell is ringing My younger years were spent adventuring and finding out all my town had to offer. My brother and I would ride our bikes around town and go to the local candy store to buy Snickers and other sugary goodies. On many of these adventures our next door neighbor would join us or they might even take place on his property. We would build forts, talk about baseball, try and dig to the center of the earth with a post hole digger, create massive piles of wood for bonfires and throw boomerangs the wrong way so … Continue reading When the call comes, will you answer?